Get Bitcoin in Japan

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency developed based on the theory, which is described in the paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Where can I get bitcoin in Japan?

There are several online exchange places in Japan.

As a result, I chose zaif. Several reasons.

  • Trading fee is minus rate(-0.01%)
  • Transfer fee is low.
  • Operated in Japan

For wallet apps, I tried several apps, but it took time to choose one.

For now, I am using zaif as an exchange, and breadwallet as a wallet. is also good wallet and a great tool for tracking my transactions(sending/receiving money). But transfer fee is a bit more expensive.

Bitcoin is safe?

if you are not familiar with bitcoin, you might be afraid of risk.

Bitcoin is money. So you have to care about same things as when you manage your physical money, for example, you must not lose your wallet.

Safety depends on your wallet usage.

Looking back on Mt.Gox case, some of you would remember the incident. Let me explain shortly.

This incident would happen not only on bitcoin exchanges but also on traditional banks. That is, it just stole money from customers. When you buy bitcoin, you deposit your money to an account of exchanges. Then they can “have” your money. If you are very anxious about risk but want to buy bitcoin, you had better read TOS(Terms of Service) carefully, and confirm who manages your money.

How great is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can make payment easier than using cash or even credit card.

It needs only bitcoin address information. If you are using iPhone, or Android phones,  all you have to do .is scan QR code. Actually, this is not payment, it is transferring money.

Now, I know what bitcoin is,, so I want to pay the small amount of money by Bitcoin or altcoins. You will often pay Drinking party fee in Japan. Bitcoin is the best for “nomikai” fee.

Little surprise to me, everyone would pay virtual currencies in the future, because money is the concept.

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