Blogging Automation with Wercker


I automated blogging with Wercker.

What is Wercker?

Wercker is web service for continuous integration. It is based on “pipeline” and you can combine multiple “pipeline” together, like “build” -> “test” -> “release”.
Wercker can connect with github and bitbucket, and also supports private repositories.
Wercker is basically free.

How it works

All I do is push code to github. I have develop branch, and once I push to the branch, wercker automatically polls it, and starts build and deploy.


I had been doing deploy manually. It’s painful. My blogging tool is Jekyll.
Jekyll needs terminal, and it means I need to do with my laptop. It’s OK when I am writing blog posts. But when I need to fix typos or something like that directly on github, even though I can do this on my mobile phone or tablet, I cannot deploy it. Unless I go home, or come to office, I was not able to update blog.

Now that pushing code invokes deployment process, I am updating blog more frequently than before.

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