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Blogging Automation with Wercker


I automated blogging with Wercker.

What is Wercker?

Wercker is web service for continuous integration. It is based on “pipeline” and you can combine multiple “pipeline” together, like “build” -> “test” -> “release”.
Wercker can connect with github and bitbucket, and also supports private repositories.
Wercker is basically free.

How it works

All I do is push code to github. I have develop branch, and once I push to the branch, wercker automatically polls it, and starts build and deploy.


I had been doing deploy manually. It’s painful. My blogging tool is Jekyll.
Jekyll needs terminal, and it means I need to do with my laptop. It’s OK when I am writing blog posts. But when I need to fix typos or something like that directly on github, even though I can do this on my mobile phone or tablet, I cannot deploy it. Unless I go home, or come to office, I was not able to update blog.

Now that pushing code invokes deployment process, I am updating blog more frequently than before.

[Feedback] Swift3.1 Release Process

My Feedback to Swift 3.1 Release Process.


Swift 3.1 release process looks agile.

Development team will release snapshots every small milestone.
All chages are merged into master branch and snapshots are dispatched from swift-3.1-branch, and GM will be on it. I prefer having release branch.

Apple adopted agile development in swift project. It’s cool!

Source Compatibility

Many people would have complained about compatibility between versions.
Upgrading 2 to 3 is painful, even though swfit 3 api design is beautiful.
In 3.1, source compatibility is featured in this blog post.

swift3 cod is going to be compilied swift3.1 compilier.
It is natural. This is just minor update.

Directed by managers

It looks like that Managers have strong authorities for release.
Pull requests are checked or evaluated by them.

[3行] Server APIs Work Group

My Feedback to Server APIs Work Group

Swift Blog まとめ


  • Server APIs work groupをサーバーアプリを作りたいコミュニティのために作った。
  • Swiftだけで簡単にlow levelのサーバー機能を実装するフレームワークを提供する。
  • 詳しくはこちら.


言及されているWeb Application Frameworkたち



let 寝る =
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print(寝る) #=> $$$