What is needed skills of devops

What are DevOps skills?

More recruiters are including the term DevOps in job descriptions. We found a 75 percent uptick in the 12-month period from January 2012 to January 2013. Mentions of DevOps as a job skill increased 50 percent during the same period.

In order of importance, here are the skills associated with DevOps:

Coding & scripting. Demonstrates the increasing importance of traditional developer skills to IT operations.

People skills. Acknowledges the importance of communication and collaboration in DevOps environments.

Process re-engineering skills. Reflects the holistic view of IT and development as a single system, rather than as two different functions.
Interestingly, experience with specific tools was the lowest priority when seeking people for DevOps teams. This makes sense to us: It’s easier for people to learn new tools than to acquire the other skills.

It makes sense on a business level, too. After all, the tools a business needs will change as technology, markets and the business itself shift and evolve. What doesn’t change, however, is the need for agility, collaboration and creativity in the face of new business challenges.




vagrant box add {title} {packagefile or url}
vagrant init {title}
vagrant up


vagrant ssh


vagrant halt


vagrant destroy

また一点だけ、ハマったところとして、vagrant up, vagrant haltをやるときに内部でsudoを使うけど、その際にvisudoで

Default requiretty
Default !visiblepw

をコメントアウトしないと、exit statusがなんちゃら(メモしていなくてすみません。あと関連したissueがgithubに上がっていたけどそっ閉じしてしまったため、リンク貼れず)というエラーが出て実際に終了できません。当該のissueにはAMIをサポートしてて、ttyをサポートしていないと確か書いてあったはず。多分ほとんどの人はEC2(Amazon Linux)を使うためにvagrantを使うのでそれで問題ないのでしょう。単純に開発環境をつくるだけならvagrant使う意味ないですし。



vagrant destroy


PHP, MySQL, Memcache

At Tumblr, I used PHP, MySQL, and Memcache. I then built Instapaper with PHP, MySQL, and Memcache. When I needed to build a server back-end and CMS for The Magazine, I used PHP, MySQL, and Memcache. I’m now building a little sponsor-management tool for myself that will probably only ever be used by a maximum of four people, and I’m using… PHP, MySQL, and Memcache.